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About this Blog 

I’ve started this blog as a tool to be used mostly by Art students hoping to learn more about contemporary art.When I first started studying at Art school around four years ago, I realised that I knew almost nothing about the subject. I knew how to paint and draw and that was it. Very quickly, I realised that there were hundreds of artists, movements and texts that I would have to become familiar with in order to be serious about making art.Learning about contemporary art is not an easy task. Going to an art gallery is likely to leave you with more questions than answers. Even listening to artists themselves will probably tell you little about how the contemporary art scene has developed.Because of this, it’s no wonder that the general public couldn’t care less about what goes on in the art world. 

With this blog I hope to make it easier for people to recognise trends and traditions that artists are working within today.How to Learn About Contemporary ArtIf you’re even familiar with the term ‘contemporary’ you’re probably already know more than most people about the art scene. In my experience most people use the term ‘modern art’ to mean ‘art that’s made now’. If you’ve ever taken an art course then you know that modern art is supposed to have ended in the late 1960s and that we’ve been living through post-modernism since then.There are plenty of lectures online that will go through the movements of the 20th century, from Futurism to Dada to Arte Povera etc. However, while I will cover these movements, what I really want to do is talk about artists working today and then look backwards to explain how the art world got into the state that it’s in.

The reason this is so important is that most contemporary art histories sort of fizzle out by the time that they reach the 1990s and have very little to say about that decade. Art students are basically encouraged at art school to just find their own way, to find artists that inspire them and shape their practice around that.The problem is, there are literally thousands of artists working in every developed country today. So how do you know which ones to pay attention to? See who’s featured in ArtForum? Go to nearby galleries? Or just randomly hope to find ones you like online?You can do all these things, but there is an underlying structure that governs the current art world. It’s just hard to identify. What I aim to do with this blog is to make clear the different trends and categories that artists can be sorted into. This will hopefully make it easier for people who are current or aspiring art students.Art Lectures and VideosI’m going to turn these posts into YouTube videos, because honestly that’s where I get most of my news and entertainment from. These posts are so I can go into more detail.These lectures will differ from most art lectures, because firstly, I’ll focus more on how art today is affected by changes in the past. And secondly, because most art lectures are descriptive, they simply go through a series of artists and describe the work that they made. 

I want to offer explanations as to how these trends developed and put them in a historical context.The posts will also be opinionated. Because I make art myself I have my own taste and preferences. I will try to give as complete an overview as possible but it will still be from my perspective so bear that in mind.I Hope I can help anyone who was in the same situation I was when first trying to learn about the Art World.Any feedback in the comments would be appreciated.Hope to post again soon! Bye for now.